25 Mushrooms Kitchen Helps You Whip Up Delicious Meals Right at Home

Prepare restaurant-quality dishes at home with 25 Mushrooms Kitchen

25 Mushrooms Kitchen teaches moms, kids, and household helpers how to prepare and elevate everyday home-cooked meals. From local comfort food to international cuisine, owner Sari Jorge conducts hands-on classes that everyone will enjoy.

celebrity mom 25 mushrooms kitchen

When they started out nine years ago, Sari was a young housewife with a knack for entertaining. Owning a catering business with dishes her friends love, they encouraged her to conduct small cooking classes for them and their house helpers. Finally, as they gained popularity and as their attendees grew in number, Sari saw the opportunity to open an actual school.

Now with two branches in the metro, they offer classes to kids, moms, and house helpers who have no cooking knowledge yet wish to continue learning. Aside from experience and skill level, their classes also vary in cuisine. Sari shares, “Our clients love the dishes in our Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese classes.”

celebrity mom 25 mushrooms kitchen

Aside from their hands-on classes, 25 Mushroom Kitchen shares these five tips every home cook should know:

Use fresh ingredients

Source from nearby farmers’ markets to make dishes healthier.


Write a prep list before cooking. Additionally, you can pre-cut ingredients before the actual cooking begins.

Feel free to change ingredients

Recipes are only a guide, don’t be afraid to experiment. After all, you’re the one who knows your own family’s food preferences.

Always use sharp knives

These will definitely up the efficiency of the time spent in the kitchen.

5 Season all the food from start to finish

Seasoning in stages brings the most out of ingredients and brings out the most flavors.

For more information, visit the 25 Mushrooms Kitchen website.