5 Hot Chocolate Recipes for the Rainy Weather

Chilly rainy days are the perfect weather for warm and comforting hot chocolate.

Snuggling up in a warm blanket with some Netflix in tow and a cup of hot chocolate in hand sounds like the perfect rainy day in. In tune with the drumming of the cold raindrops outside is the soft comfort of rich chocolate goodness. And what’s better is they’re super easy to make for you and your kids.

1. Classic Hot Chocolate

The quintessential recipe to creating what might be the best hot cocoa you’ll ever have (only a slight exaggeration). The classic recipe is inspired by the Mexican origins of chocolate, with a dollop of modern sensibility, to create a delightfully rich and creamy cup of chocolate goodness.

2. Hot Matcha White Chocolate

hot matcha white chocolate recipe celebrity mom

Everyone’s obsession with matcha comes to a fruition with this frothy drink. Learn to make this drink at home for you and your kids, and try to indulge their palette with a bonus recipe for Matcha Milkshake with Oreos.

3. Choco-Orange Frenzy

choco orange frenzy hot chocolate recipe celebrity mom

Does this sound weird? Maybe, but give it a fighting chance. It’s amazing how the orange’s citrus tones go well with the chocolate’s earthy tones and it’ll surely delight the taste buds. The unlikely combo is bound to be unforgettable.

4. Aztec Hot Chocolate

aztec hot chocolate recipe celebrity mom

Bring in some heat for the cold weather, just like the Mayans. Journey back to how the ancestors made hot chocolate and dive deep into the bittersweet notes of chocolate and a hint of spice.

5. Cornflakes-Infused Hot White Chocolate

cornflakes infused hot white chocolate recipe celebrity mom

Cereal in a cup? Sounds like a kid’s dream come true. Delight your kids with this fun and creamy cup of hot white chocolate that perfectly satisfies the sweet tooth without overwhelming your taste buds. Just make sure you don’t give them a sugar rush.