Abueli Home Services: Getting Help for Your House Helpers

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While hiring helpers can lighten the load of the modern mom, finding someone skilled and trustworthy can be a daunting task. Luckily, you can leave it up to the experts to train housekeepers to maximize and further their knowledge.

Abueli Home Services offers a crash course with follow-up classes that teach helpers how to accomplish tasks around the house. The curriculum is a comprehensive learning experience where housekeepers are taught everything they need to know. They have courses such as personality development and deportment to cleaning, training, and ironing lessons.

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The brunt of the work not only goes to the house helpers. Abueli Home Services also point out that homeowners have to be patient and understanding because some helpers may need more time and reminding than others. What works for one household may not necessarily be effective for another. For this reason, Abueli Home Services observe these five best practices, which can serve as a guide for homeowners when it comes to dealing with household staff:

Be fair but firm

Pay salaries on time and make sure all their needs are attended to. At the same time, set expectations and rules so they are less prone to abusing their benefits

Skills can be taught but attitude is difficult to change

A person who works hard can do almost any job well but it’s almost impossible to turn a lazy person into a hard worker.

Celebrity Mom Abueli Home Services

Set ownership

Delegate point persons to each area or task to avoid conflicts within the household staff.

Verify work

Give credit where it’s due and correct wrongs objectively. This helps them know your preferences better.

Find their special skills

Nurturing and encouraging they use their additional talents can keep housekeepers enthusiastic and interested in their work.

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