Going Away for the Holidays? Here’s How to Ace Your Family Travel Photos

As the Yuletide season approaches, the much-awaited Christmas break begins and it’s best to spend this time with the family. You may have already booked your flight for a jet-setting international trip or decided for a small get-together by the countryside, but you will never forget to fully document and capture these delightful moments.

One easy trick to perfect your travel photos is by using Vivo V11. The smartphone is equipped with powerful AI Dual Camera, perfect for photography. This allows the phone to take clear, natural, and beautiful, high-resolution photos.

Take a look at our tips below for a guaranteed picture-perfect vacation:

vivo v11 night photo celebrity mom

  1. Be an expert in night photography

Capturing clear night photos can be tricky. Don’t let this ruin your night tours. V11’s new AI Low Light Mode algorithm instantly captures up to six images and intelligently combines them into one, superior result. By capturing more details and reducing noise in low light situations, it makes it easier to take stunning, clear, bright photographs with a simple point and shoot.

vivo v11 framing photo celebrity mom

  1. Good framing is everything

Let’s admit it: bad framing or angles can easily spoil a photograph. V11’s AI Portrait Framing makes it easy by using artificial intelligence to guide you. It examines the current position of your photo’s subject, then directs you to hold your phone in the optimal position, effortlessly producing perfectly framed portrait shots every time.

vivo v11 food photo celebrity mom

  1. Take your food photography up a notch

It’s only apt to celebrate the holiday season with a delectable feast. Take photos as you serve your delicious Noche Buena. Vivo V11 uses its AI capabilities to take photos in a whole new way. It analyses your pictures—identifying different objects, elements and scenes such as ‘portrait’, ‘food’ or ‘flowers’, and applies specially customized enhancements. No matter the subject or scene, your photos will always look amazing.

vivo v11 family photo celebrity mom

  1. Capture amazing selfies with the whole family

And of course, it’s just right to take a perfect selfie with the family to celebrate your exciting trip. Vivo V11’s front camera has a massive 25MP super high resolution sensor for superior photo quality. The AI Camera also enhances the facial features for a lovely photograph.

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