Bento by Kat Keeps Kids’ Meals Irresistibly Fun

The festive creations of Bento by Kat

Celebrity Mom Bento by Kat

Bento by Kat curates beautifully designed and undeniably healthy packed lunches for kids, which quickly gained popularity on social media. Kat Maderazo shares that her inspiration came from the enthusiasm her eldest child showed in eating attractive-looking food. To her amazement, her family and friends showed immediate appreciation for her first bento box. Later on, she thought to share her knowledge with other moms. Kat organizes regular and private bento workshops to help other moms make lunchtime more exciting and enjoyable for their kids.

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While the boxes look intimidating to design, Kat keeps the food she cooks simple. “I rotate my kids’ baon every 2-3 weeks. Sometimes I add or introduce something new. I just change the design and presentation,” she says. Always looking to her three kids for inspiration, she usually goes online to search for their favorite characters or copies their drawings or illustrations, translating it to her bento box designs.

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More than making their packed meals look irresistible, the bento boxes helped Kat’s kids to eat healthy. “I think bento making made it easier for my kids to be healthy because it became an opportunity for me to be sneaky with their food. I was able to add more vegetables, which they don’t even notice sometimes,” she laughs. Additionally, she ensures that each box covers the different food groups so that her kids eat balanced and nutritious meals every day. “I create a design after making sure it’s a well-balanced meal,” she shares.

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