Inhaling the Good, Exhaling the Bad: Betty Sy’s Guide to Essential Oils

Betty Sy gives us the four-one-one on essential oils

Two years ago, Betty Sy got intrigued by essential oils. Before purchasing her first batch, she researched about oils—which did what, which one is best for specific situations, and the like. Naturally, what she found piqued her interest even more. Wanting to really educate herself on the power of essential oils, Betty Sy trained at the International Federation of Aromatherapy in the United Kingdom. Today, she is a distributer of multiple international brands, including Absolute Essential and Amara.


It relieves stress. Being a mom becomes incredibly stressful. One whiff of oils or when diffused into the air can significantly reduce stress. Get the most out of the experience by getting a massage using lavender oil. 

It improves health. As a supplement to vitamins, it serves as an additional line of defense for your body against viruses. 

It’s great as skincare. Made entirely with natural and organic ingredients, you can’t go wrong with adding essential oils to our skincare routine. 

LAVENDER calming, relaxing, and sleep inducing

PEPPERMINT energizes and uplifts

EUCALYPTUS clarifies and clears up a stuffy nose

LEMON cleansing and refreshing

ORANGE promotes happiness and nourishes dry, irritated skin

FRANKINCENSE alleviates stress and reduces pain

TEA TREE clears up pimples, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory

IMMUNE PLUS BY ABSOLUTE ESSENTIAL promotes and supports healthy immune functions

BREATHE EASY BY ABSOLUTE ESSENTIAL remedies coughs and colds by supporting the natural processes of optimal oxygen flow

SINUS CLEAR BY ABSOLUTE ESSENTIALfights the common cold by clearing congestion and blocked sinuses

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