Christopher Robin Revives the Inner Kid Forgotten Within Busy Grown Ups

I was incredibly excited when I first learned that a new Winnie the Pooh movie was coming out. Although, it wasn’t until I saw the full trailer and uncontrollably cried at the sound of Pooh’s unmistakably soothing voice did I realize how big a part it played in my childhood. All of a sudden, I recalled all the books I read detailing Pooh’s adventures with his friends and Christopher Robin. I also remembered Piglet being my favorite but always jumping around wanting to be like Tigger. This new movie, we follow Christopher Robin in his adult life. Quite unexpectedly, this tale written more for adults who grew up with the gang than for today’s children.

Christopher Robin is a heartwarming and tear-jerking movie every adult should watch

WARNING: Christopher Robin spoilers ahead!

The movie starts with Christopher’s last day at the Hundred Acre Wood. His friends throw him a “Farewell Christopher Robem” lunch party in the all too familiar table spot. When the rest falls asleep, Christopher calls his friend Pooh to join him for a walk. He takes the silly old bear to the iconic bridge over the river, as well as the tree on top of the hill. They talk about what Christopher’s leaving means. As they say their quiet goodbyes, I feel as if my childhood was coming to an end—again, at least.

After Christopher Robin leaves his childhood home in Sussex for boarding school, a montage plays detailing what happens next. Christopher goes to school, gets together with his wife Evelyn, fights in the war, and returns home to a desk job. All the while, Pooh unceasingly returns to the door where his friend goes through when he visits. If not, he heads to their usual spot on top of the hill, waiting for his friend Christopher to whisk him away for another adventure. However, he never comes.

On one particularly gloomy morning, Pooh walks around Hundred Acre Wood unable to find his friends. Finding that he has nowhere else to go, he returns to Christopher Robin’s door hoping his old friend could help him. Mysteriously, he hears a voice calling out to him so he follows it. Pooh finds himself in a park where he and Christopher find each other.

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Pooh and his friends reminds stiff adults like Christopher Robin that there’s more to life than briefcases of important things

The now-adult Christopher is bewildered at the sight of his old bear friend. All he wants to do now is to return Pooh to the Hundred Acre Wood so he can resume his life. Not before long, it becomes obvious that Pooh is in his life again for an important reason. He’s become too rigid and needs help to rediscover his inner childish whimsy. Although, it doesn’t just happen for Christopher. As with any adult, he’s presently too caught up in big responsibilities to realize he needs to loosen up. With all the pressure at his job and making sure his daughter Madeline has a good future, he often neglects her and Evelyn.

Sadly, Christopher seems too tightly wound to ever smile or play again. He even drives his old friend away because of it. This is when he falls into a trap they set years back for Heffalumps and Woozles. If you can recall, Heffalumps and Woozles are scary monsters who steal honey and happiness. So it funny yet fitting that Christopher falls into a trap for them.

celebrity mom christopher robin

Christopher Robin plays in the Hundred Acre Wood again

The following day, Christopher finds himself still in Hundred Acre Wood. Ever the responsible adult, he panics to reach his meeting in London later that morning. On his way out, he finds Eeyore helplessly floating down the river. Staying true to character, Eeyore just accepts his glum doom. However, he doesn’t recognize his old friend. Instead, he says that Christopher is one big Heffalump.

Christopher saves Eeyore and they proceed go through the woods to look for the rest of the gang. Similarly, Piglet, Kanga, Roo, Owl, and Rabbit all don’t recognize Christopher Robin. They all see him as the scary Heffalump out to get them. He now has to prove he’s who he says he is, he slays the Heffalump. As he’s swatting the air, jumping, punching and kicking at nothing, and poking his briefcase of important things, they realize that it is Christopher Robin.

I find this personally interesting. Heffalumps are known to steal happiness from the gang and a rigid Christopher Robin seems to be doing that now. It wasn’t until he laughed and played that he became the friend they dearly missed. This really says a lot about most adults. Between a hectic work schedule and trying to provide for a family, they tend to forget the simple joys. More so, it can make us all forget that being child-like, even once in a while, is necessary in living.

Reviving the inner child

In the end, Christopher Robin not only reunites with his old friends but he also understands his daughter more. We leave him having a picnic with his wife and daughter in the Hundred Acre Wood. All the while playing with Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and everyone else. Proving that every stiff and rigid adult needs to have a child-like side to enjoy life in a special way.