#CMRealTalk with Disney Pixar Head of Story Josie Trinidad

On the first episode of #CMRealTalk, we got to interview Josie Trinidad, the Head of Story for #RalphBreaksTheInternet. The Fil-Am mom shares anecdotes on her movie-making process as well as being a mom. Josie tells us about how her son helped shape the movie and its characters. She also recounts how they focused the story, set in the vast world of the internet. At the same time, she gives some parental advice on supporting kids with creative careers. See the full interview here:

#CMRealTalk with Josie Trinidad, the Head of Story for #RalphBreaksTheInternet

Not only did we have a great time talking to Josie, we also loved #RalphBreaksTheInternet. Watch out for it. Showing in PH Cinemas on November 21.