Here’s the Secret to Keeping Your Clothes New for Longer

For kids, it’s not uncommon to develop an attachment to things. Sometimes it’s a toy and sometimes it’s a blanket or a particular item of clothing. Whether they insist on wearing the same shirt everyday or cannot let go of their precious blanket, it’s our responsibility to make sure that they’re taken care of. 

This doesn’t just apply to our kids, of course, but to our favorite items of clothing as well. Try as we might to avoid, we still often find it going yellow in some areas, stretched around the collar or nubby in patches.

With the new Comfort Care Detergent, we can keep clothes looking and feeling new for longer. It’s the ultimate fabric care that takes an intelligent approach to caring for your clothes like no other brand in the Philippines. 

Comfort addresses the five signs of clothes aging: color fading, shape loss, yellowing, roughness or bobbling.

The Comfort range is powered by two of the most superior technologies ever seen in the category.

Advanced Anti-Aging Technology in Comfort Fabric Solution products (fabric cleaning) prevents clothes from aging by caring for every fiber of clothing and preventing the signs of wearout: pilling/bobbling (himulmol). In addition, it prevents ash residue that might be deposited into the fabric and affect color vibrancy. 

Advanced Triple Care Technology in Comfort Fabric Sensation products (fabric conditioning) enhances the beauty of clothes, protecting them color fading, fiber pilling (himulmol), and shape loss, ensuring smoother and softer clothes.   

When used together, Comfort’s Fabric cleaning products prevent clothes from aging, while Comfort’s Fabric conditioning products maintain or bring clothes close to their original state.

“Comfort is rooted in its purpose of bringing positivity to the world through the power of clothes,” says Anne Marianne Tan, Unilever Brand Manager for Premium Laundry.  “It offers a full range of products that spans Fabric Cleaning (powder and liquid) to Fabric Conditioning to deliver the best clothes outcome and give the wearer confidence.”

Comfort is available in powder detergent, liquid detergent, fabric conditioner, detergent capsules and dry wash spray, and in two variants – Glamour Care and Casual Care.

Follow @comfortphilippines on IG to learn more about how Comfort protects clothes fibers to fight the 5 signs of clothes aging.  Comfort is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide and online in Lazada and Shopee.