Disconnect Online to Reconnect with Your Mom Offline

Social media has become an essential part of our lives. We’re on it for hours a day, talking to our friends all over the country and even across the globe. Filipinos spend as much as 4 hours online. Our eyes are glued to our phones most of the time that we forget to pay attention to the people we care about especially our moms. While it’s great to connect digitally, nothing really beats face-to-face quality time. Disconnect from the online world and reconnect with your mom in real life.

This last Mother’s Day, Andok’s invited people to go back to basics with some good old-fashioned bonding time with the most special woman in our life. Aptly named #HourMama, the event encouraged people to dedicate at least an hour for some uninterrupted bonding time with their mother.

“Over the years, we have seen technology successfully bridge various gaps in human experience. However, we tend to be so excited with the advancements and the connections we can make from afar that we forget to give the gift of being present to our loved ones who are right beside us,” shared Maverick Javier, Executive Vice President of Andok’s Litson Corporation.

Taking place at Andok’s Makati Avenue branch, customers and guests shared a Wi-Fi-free hour with their moms in the restaurant. This special hour allowed them to share precious moments over a hearty dish from Andok’s, and catch up face-to-face with their mothers.

“Andok’s has always been about doing things with heart and appreciation. With #HourMama, we aim to not just have a heart-to-heart connection with our valued customers but to build meaningful relationships and memories within families. We are hoping this activity will pave the way to more observances of #HourMama as our fellow Filipinos spend more quality and uninterrupted time with their moms even beyond Mother’s Day. Of course, this is best done with the offerings of Andok’s that we’ve all come to know and love,” adds Javier.

Truly, the best gifts we could ever give our mothers are our undivided time and attention. Let’s make them feel special everyday and bond with them as often as we can with stories to tell, laughter to be shared, and a classic plate of Andok’s to make the moments even sweeter.