Nursing in Style: Functional Fashion for Nursing Moms by Elin

Breastfeeding has been at the center of controversy for quite some time. Don’t let it deter you from doing what you have to in order to keep your child fed. Thankfully, over the years, clothing companies like Elin have innovated and continued to provide fashionable options for mothers and mothers-to-be.

Elin combines function and fashion

Out and About

Have a fun day out with your kid without the fuss. Get comfortable in a top with breathable fabric and an elastic waistband that adds definition. It’s also fit enough to feel stylish without having to worry about any post-pregnancy insecurity.

celebrity mom elin

All About the Layers

Tiered blouses are a playful and fashionable go-to when it comes to nursing wear since the layers allow for easy access. Not to mention, this type of blouse is available in a variety of designs and is easy to style, especially for on-the-go moms.

celebrity mom elin

Up All Night

If you think it’s impossible to find breastfeeding ensembles for a fancy evening, there are actually plenty of options available. From sweetheart necklines to wrap-front dresses, like this elegant red dress, nursing mothers won’t have a problem getting gussied up for a night out, especially after months of enduring pregnancy.

celebrity mom elin

Wrap Yourself

Wrap dresses are not only flattering, they’re also practical. Keep yourself comfortable in a crossover top or wrap dress and have an easier time feeding your child. With such a flattering silhouette, you’ll find yourself stocking wrap pieces in your wardrobe even after you nurse.

For more pieces, check out the Elin website.