#WellnessWednesday: Why Expecting Moms Should Do Pilates

During pregnancy, moms’ bodies go through a myriad of changes. This results to immense discomfort and even frustration when doing everyday tasks are suddenly almost impossible. This #WellnessWednesday, we discuss why expecting moms should do Pilates.

As detailed by our favorite celebrity moms like Bianca Gonzales-Intal, exercising during pregnancy is as important as rest. Pilates has been around for years for good reason. It aims to completely coordinate the body, mind, and spirit for total wellness. For pregnant women, it can help with strength, balance, and relaxation.

Still not convinced? Here’s why we think expecting moms should do Pilates:

#1: Pilates lessens back pain

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As the baby bump grows, moms feel increasing discomfort on the lower back. Due to the shift in the center of gravity forward, the back ends up catching all the additional weight. Through Pilates, moms develop stronger deep abdominal muscles, giving them more control over carrying their belly. Additionally, more consciousness and improvement of posture lessens back pain as well.

Bonus: tougher abdominal muscles also help improve balance.

#2: Pilates strengthens the pelvic floor muscles

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The pelvic floor consists of muscles, ligaments, connective tissues, and nerves that support the uterus, bladder, vagina, and rectum. During pregnancy, however, the weight of your baby and the hormonal changes you undergo can weaken your pelvic floor muscles. As your baby grows, your uterus will rely more and more on these hammock-like muscles for support. Expecting moms should do Pilates to strengthen the pelvic floor. At the same time, it also reduces the risk of incontinence as it relieves stress on your bladder.

Bonus: a strong pelvic floor will help you return to your pre-pregnancy body easier, too.

#3: Doing Pilates while pregnant results in quicker post-partum recovery

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Getting your body back to its prime condition after pregnancy is about more than just looking toned. Once you’re a mom, you’ll do more lifting, bending over, and even more time spent rounded forward. From breastfeeding to pushing a stroller, you’re always rounded forward. Pilates will help with functional fitness by strengthening your back and arms.

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