Curate and Host Your Dream Party with Feliz Dish and Details

Beautifully created celebrations with Feliz Dish and Details

Everyone looks forward to parties because they’re a great way to get family and friends together. In the Philippines, we find every reason to fill our calendars with events; from birthdays and baptisms to weddings and job promotions. But oftentimes, the host misses out on all the fun because she gets caught up in the stress of planning and executing the party perfectly. Now, you can party with all your guests and leave the planning and execution to the experts.

Calling themselves the “Celebration Specialists,” the team behind Feliz Dish and Details is a catering and party styling company created by partners Patricia Locsin Cheung and Christine Villarama Locsin. More than being in-laws, each person in this dynamic duo bring their own set of skills to the table. Patricia in the field of culinary arts and Christine in design and styling.

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Starting Out

The young moms were already collaborating to form the business when they realized that their skills complemented each other. Christine honed her talents in design and styling from Shimmer Prints, a company that produces custom stationery, invitations, and more. Patricia garnered invaluable experience during her ten-year stint as an apprentice and working assistant to renowned chef Margarita “Gaita” Fores. She shares, “Christine and I worked with Gaita and we were very happy to get her blessing when we decided to start a business together.”

Patricia shares, “We tested the concept with our friends first since we knew they’d give the best and most honest feedback.” Christine quips, “It was important for us to get everything organized and ready before we formalized the business this year.” In February, the two launched Feliz Dish and Details by hosting a fabulous event that showcased what they could do for almost any type of celebration. Christine and Patricia pride themselves in being a one-stop shop that provides various options for their clients from the décor and food to the invitations, entertainment, and furniture pieces.

celebrity mom feliz dish & details

Picture-Perfect Events

“Clients give us their preferred theme. From there, Christine comes up with a Mood Board and I create a customized menu. We like to meet with the client first so that we can get an idea of their budget. We maximize it while showing them the possibilities,” Patricia narrates.

Both women agree that parties nowadays require a more detailed type of planning. The goal is to create an event that is very heavy on visuals so that it’s more Instagrammable. This means having delicate-looking food as well as ideal lighting fixtures to make for a picture-perfect event.

“There seems to be a trend in very focused themes for parties and events,” Christine shares. “That’s why it’s so important for us to visualize to the client what we can do through the mood boards.”

For now, Feliz accepts events with anywhere between 8-200 guests. Patricia accepts food orders, which are great especially for smaller parties. “They can order the food and have the dishes come with simple floral arrangements and maybe a waiter or two,” she shares. Recognizing the need of for fuss-free party décor for instant celebration situations, Christine came up with DIY party kits called Party In A Box.

Sincerely loving what they do, Patricia and Christine have found a wonderful way to balance their individual talents. They’ve established a creative collaboration that makes entertaining a truly pleasurable experience for all.

To learn more about Feliz Dish and Details, follow their Facebook page.