5 Staple Christmas Desserts That Make Every Filipino Celebration Merrier

In 22 days, the most-awaited occasion will finally be upon us. Christmas is a time for fun family reunions, exciting gifts, as well as sweet treats. Each holiday party has different dishes and desserts for you to try. However, nothing beats the classics. Here are 5 staple Christmas desserts at every Filipino party:

5 staple Christmas desserts that make every Filipino celebration merrier

#1: Fruit Salad

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Fruit salad brings back so much memories for all of us. As a kid, our moms asked us to prepare fruit salad because it was the easiest. You simply mix fruit cocktail and other fresh fruits in a bowl with condensed milk and all purpose cream. Afterwards, chill one batch for noche buena and another for Christmas day. I personally put a hearty amount of milk and cream for extra sweetness.

#2: Fruit Cake

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At the same time, fruit cake also joins our list of staple Christmas desserts. It’s moist and delicious, one serving won’t be enough. Not to mention it’s a no-fail gift idea for your bosses and officemates. No one can have too much fruit cake for Christmas.

#3: Leche Flan

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Leche flan is my all-time favorite dessert. No matter the occasion, even if there’s none, a leche flan fix is always welcome. It strikes the perfect balance between creamy and sweet. This year, try giving one of your staple Christmas desserts a cheesy twist. Grate some Eden Cheese and diced salted egg and sprinkle generously on top. We know it sounds odd but it’s actually incredibly yummy.

#4: Buko Pandan

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Another simple yet irresistible Filipino dessert is the buko pandan. Just combine shredded coconut, green jell-o, and sweetened cream in a bowl. Chill and serve. You can also put some additional surprises to make it more enjoyable. My grandmother likes to put small cheese cubes, nata de coco, and sago!

#5: Mango Float

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This one’s a crowd-pleaser, for sure. Just like the other desserts listed, the mango float is a simple classic that everyone loves. Sweet mangoes layered with graham crackers in a bowl of cream and milk is nothing short of mouth-watering. When there’s mango float, there’s always extra room for dessert.