Why It’s Time To #GoKamayan Again

Safeguard is taking us back to our roots with their #GoKamayan campaign.

The joy of eating with your hands is a lost tradition. The kamayan-style of eating is known to be the traditional way of eating in the Philippines, and you’re no Filipino if you’ve never eaten with your hands at least once in your life. It’s been around since the time of our ancestors, but it’s also slowly dying in the hands of modernity whether it’s “nakakahiya” or due to issues of hygiene. Now, Safeguard’s latest campaign is taking us back to our roots and is encouraging us to #GoKamayan.


In a collaborative video, Safeguard hosted a star-studded party that’s littered with celebrities and influencers like Boy Abunda, Ai Ai delas Alas, James Deakin, Tessa Prieto-Valdes, Bianca Gonzalez, Drew Arellano, and more. Hosted by celebrity chef JP Anglo with the guests dressed to the nines, it was surely a night to remember.

As the guests wait around in anticipation, Chef JP enters the scene with servers emerging from the background. They then begin to remove the utensils from the table, surprising all the guests. “Tonight, we’re going kamayan,” announces Chef JP. The guests were presented with a three-course meal comprising of crispy danggit, suman adobo, laing, kalabasa balls, and piyaya sandwiches. The diners were delighted to see the dinner that awaits them, and started off the meal by washing their hands with Safeguard.

How kamayan brings us together.


The food eventually arrived, and the guests dug in while they exchanged stories and observations. As the dinner went on, the mood got easier and they got to talking about what going kamayan means to them:

  1. It makes you feel carefree.

    “When I savor the food eaten with hands, I usually have my feet up on a stool.” Drew Arellano shared. The guests discussed the notion of going kamayan with being “nakakahiya” and how this shouldn’t be the case. Eating with our hands helps us feel at home where we’re free from judgement and around people we’re comfortable with. “Sa bahay, I can say ‘akin ‘yan’ and grab the food with my hands immediately.” added Boy Abunda during the shoot.

  2. Food flavor changes with your hands–in a good way! 

    Bianca Gonzales shares how she and her family ate at a steak place where they ordered chicken. “I cleaned the chicken bone with my hands, and since nag-kamay na ako, I ate the rice on my plate with my hands as well. Tasted better, really!” she shares.

    Tv host and mom Bianca Gonzales

  3.  Kamayan enhances the sensory dining experience.

    Tessa Prieto-Valdes shares “I don’t eat with my hands often so this is such an experience.” James Deakin then adds how eating with your hands is refreshing since we’re used to seeing, smelling, and tasting our food. “You’re feeling your food, so there’s texture now in your hands. The whole experience is improved.”

    (Left to right) Ai Ai delas Alas, Drew Arellano, and Tessa Prieto-Valdes

  4. It’s uniquely Filipino. 

    Going kamayan is a Filipino experience. Boy Abunda shares how even Filipinos abroad are so proud of eating with their hands. He adds, “We enjoy kamayan because tayo ‘yan. That is who we are as Filipinos”. AiAi delas Alas agrees, sharing that “Filipinos use their hands for almost everything.”

  5. Overall, it’s just more fun! 

    Near the end of the dinner, Neri Miranda shares “Culture ng Pilipino ang magkamayan. I-embrace natin yun.” and we cannot agree more.

Are you pledging to #GoKamayan with Safeguard? Watch Safeguard’s “The Dinner” down below and join in on the conversation.

Share with us your kamayan moments online with the hashtag #GoKamayan and #Safeguard. Be sure to check them out Safeguard’s Facebook page as well as their Youtube channel for more information.