How Heart Evangelista Mends Her Heart After Miscarriage

MANILA – Heart Evangelista, is back from her social media break after her miscarriage in June.

The beginning of her motherhood journey

On May 12, the actress announced that she and husband Chiz Escudero  are expecting a child. She posted a happy photo of them inside of what seems to be their own home. Heart being the luxurious fashionista that she is, holds a Dior infant onesie in hand.

Few days after, Heart shared on Instagram that they are initially growing their family by two. Unfortunately, one of the twins did not develop well. “But it’s these ups and downs that I know will make me a stronger Mom,” she said in the caption.

Despite this, Heart happily continued her pregnancy journey. She had lots of friends and family taking her out and already sending gifts to her baby. While her husband, Sen. Chiz, pampered her wife well with good food and breakfast in bed. All these of which she considered perks of being pregnant.

Heart Loses Mira

Heart kept updating her followers with her lovely pregnancy journey. Even more, she bravely told the gloomy part of her motherhood story to the world.  On June 6, just as they reached third month of pregnancy, she lost her baby girl Mira. The Kapuso actress expressed her grief in a heartbreaking Instagram post.

There are not enough words to express how heavy my heart feels but I know it’s important to share this because it’s part of my motherhood journey. At this week’s Doctor appointment, just as we hit the 3 month mark, we found out that her heart stopped beating. For some it might be early on but for us, we were so ready to meet you, little one. Carrying you made me feel like a completely new person. Just the thought of you taught me what unconditional love feels like. The Doctor told me that there really wasn’t anything we could’ve done, that this happens to a higher percentage of first time moms. I know this is true because so many of you have been open with sharing your experiences. Your kindness and positivity in sharing about your own miscarriages remind me to be strong. I am so grateful for all your love throughout this entire journey. It’s not the end, just another chapter. I take comfort knowing that you’re up there with your twin. I don’t question God about this sad time, I trust in His timing and plan. I hope you all understand that I’ll be taking some time off but your support and kind words will be felt, even if I’m not able to reply. I’m not looking for answers, just peace. For what it’s worth, I already had a name for you. My Mira, funnily enough, I already loved your smile. I know you’ll find your way back to me.

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Mending and Moving On After the Miscarriage

Anybody who lost a loved one needs a moment to mend and move on. Especially Heart who is a first time expectant mother. Her thoughtful husband Chiz advised her to leave the Philippines and take a breather.

Physical health is the minimum for someone who undergoes a miscarriage; Mental health becomes a priority in times of grief and remembering. They need time for themselves to go through the process of mending their hearts. The time they spend rebuilding and reconnecting with themselves after everything they have gone through is important for them to get by.

Simply put, Heart Evangelista’s process in moving on and getting past through the rough waters is an inspiration to everyone who is also going through the situation.

Furthermore, Heart knows how to make herself happy again. She finds refuge in making art to express her emotions.

Also, Heart did not shut her doors for help and was very thankful for the people who sends their love and support. Most importantly, she acknowledged the comforting love of her husband whose strength transcends to her.

Today, Heart Evangelista is back from her much needed break. Once again, she is making headlines for what she’s most known for: her exceptional taste in fashion. For this reason, she found herself back at the Paris Fashion Week. It is the perfect time and place for her to reconnect the people who are waiting for her comeback.

After all that’s lost and found, Heart Evangelista remained faithful and grateful for her story. And with that, we salute you and it’s good to see you again, Heart!