Here’s How You Can Improve Your Children’s Creativity

Nurturing your children’s creativity is an important aspect of their development. Kids have powerhouse imaginations and fostering their creativity offers emotional, mental and even health benefits that can help them as they grow up.

Boosting your child’s creativity can actually be done in the simplest ways. Eastern Communications, one of the premier telecommunications companies in the country, believes in this same ideal of honing children’s creativity, especially while they are young. Here are a few fun and easy tips from Eastern Communications on how to boost your child’s creative spark:  

Let your kids get dirty

Don’t be afraid of the mess, whether in or out of your home.  Kids tend to be messy when they are in their creative element. Let them explore the outside world and let nature engage their senses. Take them for walks and let them make up stories about the things they see and the people around them. Or give them a small plot of land in your yard where they can have their own garden.

Reading books boosts their imaginations

There’s no doubt how the power of reading can help a lot in developing and stimulating the kids’ young minds. You can help them start this habit by reading to them before they go to bed.  Model reading love as children take their cues from adult behavior – share your love for books by telling about the books you are currently reading. Also, consider having picture books, cook books, graphic novels, comics and magazines around and encourage them to pick it up so they can explore what kind of books they like.

You can also make the reading experience more special by setting aside and decorating a special reading nook for them – it could be based on theme they are interested in, from fairy tales, to pirates or dinosaurs. After all, reading takes its readers to magical places and stretches the limits of the mind – bring this reading joy to life right in your home!

Let the kids be part of your brainstorming activities

Whether it’s for your next family travel plan or home renovation project, let the kids participate in brainstorming sessions. This can help the kids spark ideas on their own. Always feel free to welcome their suggestions and you’ll never know, the next big idea you’ll need might actually come from them!

Take them on learning trips to activate their senses

Children are great recipients of visual and auditory stimulations so spaces like museums and art galleries can be a great way to nurture their creativity. If your kids love the science, try a visit to the Mind Museum, a world-class home for science and extraordinary educational experience where kids can  explore fun interactive exhibits such as their huge Technology Gallery and their popular Atom Gallery.

Your kids can also expand their artistic horizons by visiting the BGC Arts Center, which is home to a community theater, galleries and art workshops where you and your kids can tap into your musical and artistic sides.

If you want your kids to get to know the richness of Philippine culture, another museum the family can explore is MUSKKAT (Museo ng Kaalamang Katutubo), a museum that showcases relics, sculptures, paintings, and other artifacts of the Philippine indigenous communities. What’s great is that these art institutions are also partners of Eastern Communications which continuously supports for education and culture. Families can easily share their experiences in these museums through Eastern Communication’s fast and reliable internet connection.  

As a Cultural Patron, Eastern Communications will also be sponsoring a lecture series on technology and connectivity this 2019 at MUSKKAT. Plan your next trip with kids in MUSKKAT and let them learn more in the lecture series.

Internet can be a great medium of learning when used correctly

Take advantage of today’s digital lifestyle and use it to enhance kid’s creativity. While some may not feel confident with kids being on the internet, proper monitoring and usage can help to these worries. Educational internet games and videos can aid in developing kids’ creative minds. A trusted service provider like Eastern Communications can help in giving you the fast and reliable internet connection you need at home. With their variety of EVO DSL plans, your kids can enjoy educational internet games and videos with high-speed internet of up to 16 Mbps.  

Aside from helping to achieve a creative environment and doing activities to help them grow artistically, it is also important to always motivate them. Always offer valuable feedback with their work rather than criticizing it. A supportive family will always encourage them to hone their skills.

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