Hustle for That Muscle as You Hit the Gym at 360 Fitness Club

In 2010, a time when traditional, full scale gyms were all the rage, 360 Fitness Club changed the game. Their revolutionary circuit workout didn’t involve any machines, mostly utilizing free weights. Focusing on functional fitness, they train members to be stronger and more productive in their daily lives.

celebrity mom 360 fitness club

Gear Up for Life at 360 Fitness Club

When working out in 360 Fitness Club, efficiency is key. In a rewarding 30-minute gym session, you learn exercises that simulate natural movements while targeting all muscle groups. As a result, you become stronger, leaner, and functionally fit without wasting time. Apart from the circuit, they also offer 360 Signature Classes: Bodyweight, HIIT, Core, and Kettle Bell. Additionally, they have dynamic group classes by Les Mills. Those who love to move and groove, should try Body Jam, Body Balance, and Body Combat.

celebrity mom 360 fitness club

The personalized 360 experience is nudged a notch higher with the most recent addition to their program—the 360 Roadmap Session. Each member is assigned a coach who will sit down with you to discuss your lifestyle and goals. Once established, you and the coach create a specific game plan. This covers everything from exercises and workout frequency to eating and sleeping habits. This meticulous process aims to challenge the member while still keeping goals doable and realistic. Coaches at 360 Fitness Club also conduct regular tracking to ensure that you achieve your goals and get results despite roadblocks you may encounter.

“We want our members to gear up for thelife they want to live. When you make fitness a lifestyle, you can function better and do things with ease so you can enjoy life more. We want to gear you up so you can spend more time with your loved ones and be able to do the things you love the most.”

360 Fitness Club branches are located at Ortigas, Makati, Bonifacio Global City, Alabang, Manila, and Commonwealth. For more information, visit the 360 Fitness Club website.