I Do Nails Takes a Hands-on Approach to Pampering

We all know how important self-care is. With raising kids, working, and maintaining a household, it’s no lie that moms deserve it the most. So, why not indulge yourself at the nearest I Do Nails salon and spa for your next ‘me time’?

I Do Nails is a passion project turned neighborhood nail salon with everything for your R&R needs

Sparked from a spa trip with her parents, I Do Nails was born out of Monica Maceda’s fascination with wellness. With a set vision to someday open her own spa, everything from her interests to her thesis went into making this passion happen. Eight years into it, the then-home service is now a fully-fledged salon with five branches around the metro with the most recent in the Symphony Towers along Timog Avenue, operated by Ciahciah Sakata.

celebrity mom i do nails

Each facility is decked out with plush white armchairs and couches, ambient music, and soothing scents conducive to serious relaxation. At the core of it all is their menu of high-quality, personalized services. While they offer basic mani-pedis, spa treatments, and waxing procedures, their unlimited choices of nail polish and innovative products set them apart. Some of these include dip powder polish, polygel extensions, and even replicating intricate nail art.

celebrity mom i do nails

What sticks out in particular are the Mini Me services catering to parents with kids who want something new or enjoy the experience. Amenities like accessible WiFi and iFlix are big pluses to keep everyone occupied.

With plans to expand further, I Do Nails definitely fits the bill for your coming day off or pampering playdate.

For more updates from I Do Nails, its services, and upcoming branches, visit their website and follow them on Facebook

Photos courtesy of Floyd Jhocson of Studio 100