Iconic Brand Melissa Invites Filipinas to Live Freely and Confidently

Brazilian shoe brand Melissa launches its first local campaign

Beloved for their avant-garde designs, sustainable materials, and collaborations with big names in fashion, Melissa launches its first campaign. With #MeInMelissa, the brand celebrates the confidence and individuality of the Filipina. “The campaign was inspired by current and past collections where Melissa promoted self-expression through different styles”, shares Hazel Imperial-Tan, Marketing Manager.

A number of prominent and successful Style Mavens, #MeInMelissa highlights their latest collection, Open Vibes. “It’s about a new consciousness and mindfulness. As well as attention to the self and the outside world that is more personal”, adds Bridgette Jose, Assistant Brand Manager. The Filipinas chosen to be at the forefront of this campaign also brilliantly express themselves through fashion. Likewise, they excel in their respective fields and careers.

Here are the 2018 #MeInMelissa Style Mavens:

celebrity mom melissa

Fashion Bloggers Rina Santos and Tessie Singson

celebrity mom melissa

Entrepreneur Thea de Rivera, Photographer Shaira Luna, and Television Personality Janeena Chan

The #MeInMelissa Open Vibes campaign empowers Filipinas fashion-forward, sustainable, and playful collection that wears beautifully to any occasion. To learn more, visit Melissa on their website or on Instagram.