Kristine Dee Jewelry Launches 15th Year Collection: Faces of Beauty

In 2003, Kristine Dee took a leap of faith with the launch of her first jewelry collection. Fifteen years later, she’s become one of the most celebrated artists in the country. This year, Kristine Dee releases a brand new collection, the Faces of Beauty. Taking inspiration from her refined clientele, she curated the range according to their tastes and styles. At the same time, she showcases her prowess and expertise by curating each piece herself.

Taken Up By Chance

celebrity mom kristine dee faces of beauty

Unbeknownst to many, Kristine Dee’s previous background and education were on furniture design. In fact, she earned her master’s degree in Industrial Design from the Pratt Institute, New York. Only when she chanced upon classes in jewelry design and metalsmithing did she discover her true calling. Kristine also found that her background in furniture design complements jewelry design beautifully.

The Brave Leap

“I find inspiration and fulfillment in building pieces: from scratch to final outcome. My goal is for [my clients] to feel their most beautiful when they put my pieces on.”

celebrity mom kristine dee faces of beauty

Kristine Dee flew back to Manila in 2001 where she continued designing furniture. However, she kept thinking about designing jewelry. In 2003, she finally took the brave leap and launched her first jewelry line. She gained popularity almost immediately. Her pieces were impeccable, excellently made, and one-of-a-kind–everything her upscale clientele was looking for. Kristine Dee also specializes in creating unique bracelets and cuffs.

The Most Rewarding Balancing Act

celebrity mom kristine dee faces of beauty

Being “mommy” and having a career is always a challenge, as well as a constant balancing act. It’s no different for moms who dabble in the world of design. It brings its own unique trials, aside from deciding between form versus function when buying their kids toys.

As a mother to 11-year-old Tyler and a jewelry designer, Kristine Dee shares that, as with all moms, it can all be overwhelming. At the same time, she points out that it can be very rewarding. “Moms who are creatives handle challenges and find balance in our own way,” she shares. “I think this is when being creative comes in handy. I approach situations differently and possibly with more open-mindedness.”

When Kristine debuted her latest jewelry collection, family and friends graced the occasion, including her beloved Tyler.

Faces of Beauty

On her 15th year, Kristine Dee takes inspiration from her beautiful clientele with the Faces of Beauty collection. “These are the different types of ladies I have gotten to know over the years,” she shares. The exquisite range consists of four themes: the contemporary, the classic, the romantic, and the creative spirit. First, the contemporary exudes modern femininity. For Kristine Dee, the contemporary woman has a taste for art and design. At the same time, she likes combining pure shapes that are arranged in excellent proportion. Secondly, the classic woman likes simple and straightforward pieces. Timelessness and versatility in style are important here as well. Third, a woman with a romantic taste has an eye for soft colors. She admires design aesthetics that are pretty yet striking. Lastly, the woman with a creative spirit is unpredictable yet enthralling. Her free-spirited mind makes for the most unique pieces.

Kristine Dee Jewelry

celebrity mom kristine dee faces of beauty

Since she first started creating and designing jewelry, Kristine Dee exhibited a special understanding of the craft. As a result, the Kristine Dee brand is known for her unique designs and meticulous craftsmanship. Her sophisticated clientele is always in awe of her expertise, making them excited for each new range and each new piece. Women wearing Kristine Dee exudes captivating femininity, beauty, and confidence.

To see more of Kristine Dee’s stunning work, visit her website and Instagram page.