Friday Favorites: Lactation Goodies All Moms Will Enjoy

When it comes to feeding their newborns, moms are always certain breast milk is the way to go. However, milk production varies. Some moms find it easy to produce enough milk, while others struggle. Whichever the case, lactation goodies can help you. Moms rely on these pastries made with ingredients that promote milk production or galactagogues. Done along with an increased breastfeeding frequency as well as more pumping, milk production will definitely increase. Best of all, these treats are totally guilt-free. Just always remember: moderation is key!

These lactation goodies will help you produce more milk for your baby

Milking Bombs by ABC

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Effective while still remaining delicious, Milking Bombs by ABC can easily become your staple. Moms love their classic milk bombs, crink-oats, and choc-nut brownies. These lactation goodies also come in a Lactrio pack. They’re undoubtedly going to be your breastfriend.

Lactation Ice Cream by Merry Moo x Mommy Treats

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You read that right. Merry Moo collaborated with Mommy Treats to create lactation ice cream. It comes in three flavors: Sea Salt Caramel, Matcha Green Tea, and Dark Chocolate. End your meal on a sweet note while also looking out for your baby.

Muffin Bites by Mommy Treats

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Mommy Treats is a mom’s lactation goodies heaven. They have an array of baked treats for every craving. For us, however, we recommend their muffin bites. The five scrumptious flavors are banana oat, lemon, chocolate chip, carrot walnut, and banana walnut.

Additional tip: you can share your lactation treats with your whole family. Don’t worry, they won’t lactate. They’ll only share in the health benefits.