Les Mills GRIT is Perfect for Moms Who Love to Sweat it Out

From cycling and rowing to cross-fit and pole dance, new exercise crazes are definitely all the rage. 360 Fitness Club, the country’s pioneer in functional fitness training, is introducing yet another sweat-busting workout. Les Mills GRIT is a quick fat-burning and lean muscle-building workout that active moms will definitely love.

360 Fitness Club brings Les Mills GRIT to the Philippines

Les Mills is a global leader in group training. Constantly innovating, they produce state-of-the-art workout routines for that suits every lifestyle and preference. Likewise, as their routines are scientifically-proven to work, Les Mills classes promise the results you’re looking for. 360 Fitness Club have previously offered Les Mills Body Jam, Body Combat, and Body Balance in all their branches.

This year, they bring Les Mills’ latest innovation to the country. GRIT combines cutting-edge high intensity interval training (HIIT) with great music as well as inspirational coaches for a totally revolutionary experience. With specialized barbells and weight plates, Les Mills created a workout that rapidly improves strength while also increasing lean muscle. Additionally, like HIIT, it works your metabolism extra hard so you continue to burn fat even hours after the session. The best part is, each class only takes 30 minutes. Definitely perfect for busy, on-the-go moms who love putting in the work at the gym.

360 Fitness Club will hold regular Les Mills GRIT classes in all their branches starting August 2018. Stay tuned to their website, Facebook, and Instagram pages for class schedules.