Our 5 Favorite Local Activewear Brands You Can Shop Online For

Between taking care of the family and going to work daily, it can be hard for moms to stay active. Thankfully, there are numerous local activewear brands you can shop online for. There’s nothing quite like cute sports bras and flattering leggings to spark the motivation to exercise.

Check out our favorite local activewear brands here:

Lotus Activewear

This local brand is perfect for moms who love to hit the gym. We especially love the Mesh Series of Lotus Activewear’s leggings. It’s functional while still being incredibly stylish. Not to mention that it’s extra light, drifit material ensures flexibility and comfort for whatever workout routine you’ll do. Additionally, their bra tops can be worn on their own. Time to flaunt that gorgeous mom bod you worked hard on.

Wengman Sports Apparel

Wengman Sports Apparel is a homegrown brand with an almost endless array of unisex drifit shirts in various colors. The material they use are incomparably light, making them ideal for activities under the sun. If you’re into outdoor sports like running, cycling, and ultimate frisbee, you should definitely check them out. You can also have jerseys customized for team events, company outings, and family gatherings.

ATSUI Athletics

ATSUI Athletics is another local activewear brand with must-have pieces. Created with yogis in mind, they incorporate the idea of harmony and positive energy in each line. ATSUI’s line of high-performing, quality apparel makes any movement possible without worry. As a result, you can focus on each yoga pose you wish to master.


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If you love spending time by the shore or trekking up mountains, you’ll definitely love Millennx. Their collection includes leggings and tops, as well as swimwear, setting them apart from other brands. For this reason, you can seamlessly take your outfit from the water straight to the trails without a thought. By utilizing the X from the name to their designs, each piece is unmistakably Millennx.

AVA Athletica

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Just because you’re not the active type doesn’t mean you can’t look the part. After all, sports wear are really comfortable, which makes it perfect for days you have to walk around a lot. Understanding this, AVA Athletica created a brand that carries immensely stylish pieces for the ultimate athleisure ensemble. We’re definitely gonna buy more than a few items for our next out-of-town getaway!