Mary Poppins Returns for Both Old and New Audiences in the Most Delightful Way

There’s always some frantic buzz when a television show or movie we grew up with gets the reboot treatment. Even news of a sequel can cause some hesitation in those who place the original film on a pedestal. These were definitely feelings most had when hearing about Mary Poppins Returns. But we’re glad to report the classic’s successor’s cover is not the book, to borrow a phrase.

We talk about the famed fictional nanny’s second silver screen spectacle below so watch out for some mild spoilers ahead!

Mary Poppins Returns tells a new story with familiar faces

mary popins returns michael banks
Twenty-five years since the first movie’s events, Mary Poppins Returns seems to start where we left off. The big difference? A grown Michael Banks is the patriarch of 17 Cherry Tree Lane with his own set of children in tow. Struggling with the Great Slump and his wife’s recent death, faithful winds fittingly blow the uniquely magical Mary Poppins their way once again. Along with her old friend Jack, she takes the young Bankses on fantastical adventures with unforgettable songs to rekindle the life and laughter that once filled their home.

A Spin on the Past

mary poppins returns royal doulton music hallIngrained in the film’s whimsical sights and sounds is the Mary Poppins DNA kids-at-heart know and current kids would enjoy. Honoring the spirits of the beloved characters are the practically-perfect Emily Blunt and the infectiously optimistic and charming Lin-Manuel Miranda. Together, they lead us through sequences like “The Royal Doulton Music Hall” and “Trip a Little Light Fantastic.” Both largely feature catchy earworms, showstopping dance numbers, and stunning visuals, echoing the past while keeping things fresh.

A Rediscovery of Childlike Wonder

mary poppins returns emily blunt lin-manuel miranda
At the end of it all and through the toughest of times, the message of Mary Poppins stays true: “Everything is possible, even the impossible.” It’s a much-needed reminder for the old and new generation of Bankses and audiences that there’s great hope, and one can always find the joy and wonder in the every day. The whole world is at your feet after all and there’s nowhere to go but up!

Mary Poppins Returns is now in cinemas

Photos courtesy of Walt Disney Studios