For Mom Vlogger Andi Manzano Reyes, It All Started Out As A Passion Project

Mothers are incredibly admirable. They embody what selflessness and unconditional love really means. It’s almost impossible to think of them as someone who also makes mistakes. In this digital age, mom vloggers have become a staple. With them sharing tips, helpful information, and just tidbits of their lives, it’s easy to see why they get so many views. One of the most known of the pack is mom vlogger Andi Manzano Reyes. She frequents the vlog-osphere with her husband, GP, and her girls, Olivia and Amelia.

Andi Manzano Reyes is the strict mom

“When I was young, I would dream about being a mom. I feel like I was born to be a mom,” the new mom of two anecdotes. Being a mother to her two beautiful girls is a dream that Andi feels lucky to live daily. However, long before they were born, the vlogger shares her first experiences of being a mom.

mom vlogger andi manzano reyes celebrity mom

As the eldest of five kids, Andi was like a second mom to her four siblings. Now, she credits her mom, Rose, for the kind of mom she grew up to be. “I seriously look up to my mom,” she states. “She’s dedicated to her family and she would do everything for us.”

Between the two of them, Andi admits to being the strict one while GP is the one who spoils them. The radio jock says it’s highly influenced by how her mom raised her. “I feel like I’m adapting to how my mom raised me,” she admits. As the eldest, Rose was a bit more strict with Andi, which she will apply to how she raises Olivia as well. At the same time, Andi loves being the hands-on mom.

Having more time with her two girls allows Andi to raise Olivia and Amelia the best way she can. From her vlogs, it’s easy to see that she has fun with her girls while also teaching them valuable lessons. “I have more time with them so I think it’s also important to lead by example,” she opines.

On becoming parents

“When you’re younger, you get so excited to become a parent,” she shares, “but once you have kids, it’s a whole different ball game.” While she’s always wanted to become a mom, Andi admits that it’s nothing like she thought it would be. The two parents’ lifestyles have definitely changed since the birth of their daughters. “I think once you have kids, you kind of tone down with everything,” the radio host laughs.

Married to a successful businessman who owns some of the hottest bars and clubs in the metro, Andi shares that their lifestyle really shifted. “[GP] goes out sometimes but it’s lessened since he had two kids. Even nights out with our friends, it has lessened so much,” she confesses. If anything, this showed the pair the importance of making time for their kids. “You realize how parents really sacrifice so much of their time to be with their kids.”

At the same time, the way they plan for the future changed since having their daughters. “How we think of the future and our perspective of the next five or ten years has shifted so much,” she states. “Even the simplest things and the everyday decisions you make, you always think, ‘is this the best for my kids?'” Like all parents, the Reyeses want their kids to have a good life. They work hard to provide for their daughters, leaving little time for themselves. Parenting is truly a selfless act that the pair has no complaints about. “Your priorities change. It’s always family first,” the mom vlogger shares.

mom vlogger andi manzano reyes celebrity mom

Andi Manzano Reyes is a crowd-favorite mom vlogger

Unbeknownst to many, Andi didn’t intend to be a mom vlogger at first. When she became a mom, like many moms, she wanted to document everything. “It started on Instagram. I would post every day because it was just like my photo album online.” From there, the Reyes started delighting everyone with tidbits of Olivia. Not to mention all of GP’s funny posts as well—#convoswithOlivia is always a fun read.

“I started doing videos when we went on trips. I wanted to show Olivia, when she gets older, what she did on all the trips we’ve had,” Andi anecdotes. What started out as a passion project grew to become a following of over 100 thousand on YouTube and a combined 1.2 million on Instagram between the four Reyeses. Unlike some vloggers, however, Andi is firm on shooting and editing all her vlogs herself. “I’ve always liked editing and I’ve always liked playing with the camera,” she narrates. The result is a series of heartfelt, sincere, and upbeat videos subscribers can’t help but watch with a smile on their faces.

mom vlogger andi manzano reyes celebrity mom

The passion projects continues to be that, especially because, like the rest of us, the four Reyeses enjoy rewatching their vlogs. “I feel like these videos, it serves to not just share online, but it’s really such a great reminder for [Olivia].” In fact, Andi remains astounded with the growing number of followers and subscribers she has. However, more than anything, she uses social media to preserve her memories with GP and their two lovely girls. “[Olivia] remembers these memories because of the videos we make.”

Parenthood in the digital age

While new moms are overcome with joy at the sight of their newborns, the demands of motherhood also gets overwhelming. Between the sleepless nights, exhaustion, and physical toll it takes to be a new mom, moms share a feeling of loneliness. Despite having help and their husbands beside them, it’s easy to feel alone because no one really feels what new moms do. Except for other moms, that is. Andi admits to feeling the same way sometimes. Luckily, having access to online communities helps her navigate motherhood.

“In the digital age, you don’t feel like you’re not alone because it’s so easy to reach out to other moms,” she shares. Since becoming a mom vlogger, Andi met a lot of people who she’s thankful she can reach out to. Inversely, she’s also happy when moms reach out to her, asking for parenting tips and even baking advice—her chocolate cookie recipe is a must-try! Andi advises, “you can find communities online, full of people who would help you and reach out to you.”

mom vlogger andi manzano reyes celebrity mom

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