Mothers Who Brunch brings moms together to share food and stories

With their common tastes, similar cooking styles, and identical food intolerances, Mothers Who Brunch founders Michelle Aventajado and Sabrina Go knew that working together would be a good idea. They were motivated to grow a brand that reached out to moms all over the country. Since they started in 2015, their main goal has always been to bring moms for laughter-filled get-togethers that involved food. Perfect for those who love cooking, eating, or just spending time with other moms.

Gaining a love for cooking

Michelle first started cooking when she was only 14 because she wanted to help her mom around the house. “My mom loved to cook so I was always in the kitchen with all the generations of women in my family,” she shares. Even at a young age, being in the kitchen with other women made her happy. Sabrina’s interest in cooking began when she took up hotel and restaurant management in college. Though this enabled her to be trained in culinary basics, watching cooking shows all the more sparked her passion. All the time they spent in the kitchen, experimenting and learning by trial and error, trained them to be experts in their own right. An impressive feat considering that neither of them are trained chefs.

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Starting Mothers Who Brunch

The partners usually meet monthly for what they call their Test Kitchen. Here, they challenge themselves by learning harder recipes or mixing cuisines. Growing up in America, Michelle’s palate is quite different from Sabrina’s, who was raised in the Philippines. As a result, cooking together becomes all the more exciting for them. Although when it comes to Mothers Who Brunch, they stick to easier and more relatable dishes. This helps them help other moms to gain confidence in the kitchen.

“We really don’t stress in the kitchen. That’s what we want to share with other moms. We noticed a lot of them are intimidated by being in the kitchen,” Michelle says. “It’s even more fun when you’re in the kitchen with other women,” Sabrina adds. Driven by the Mothers Who Brunch motto, “Gather, Inspire, Feast,” each event is all about bringing moms together in the hope of inspiring each other through personal stories while enjoying delectable food.

Motivated by family

At the end of the day, Michelle’s and Sab’s love for cooking are really motivated by ensuring their families remain happy and healthy. “Cooking is our love language to our families,” Sabrina shares. This is why they prepare food that’s healthy and incredibly tasty. This also reassures Michelle and Sab that their families get all the nutrients they need in a day.

Additionally, Michelle believes that at a young age, kids should get the vitamins and minerals they need from food and without having to regularly drink supplements. Moreover, like most moms, both of them are firm with having their kids eat what is served on the table. “Sab and I agree; we tell our kids ‘don’t tell me you don’t like it if you haven’t tried it yet,’” Michelle asserts. It’s when their children are pleasantly surprised about the food they prepare that the two moms feel fulfilled and motivated to keep going.

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