Celebrate the Holy Night of Noel with TWG Tea

Let the chill snowy breeze and smell of a crackling fire beckon you to dine with TWG for their Night of Noel feast.

The holidays are here and with it brings cheer. TWG brightens up our joyous spirits this season with their limited-edition Night of Noel TeaSet. Encased in a lovely embellished gift box embossed with gold and coated in an elegant ruby sleeve, this set features an enchanting mix of the Night of Noel Tea and It’s so Good™ Tea.

The Night of Noel Tea is a rush of rich and joyous black tea blended with wild forest berries, tender caramel, and a scattering of nutty silver needles all inside a bright red tin adorned with the image of a snowy sleigh ride. The It’s so Good Tea, on the other hand, is love and faithfulness in a cup filled with malty black tea blended with tart blossoms and melting berries.

The Night of Noel Tea Set (100g of tea per tea tin) is available at all TWG Tea Salons & Boutiques in the Philippines.

A feast to remember

Joy, merriment, and yuletide cheer fill the halls as you soak up the joyous spirit of dining on the Festive Set Menu by TWG Tea. The grand festivities begin with a specially curated soup of the day; followed by the luscious flavors of a steak moussaka infused with Noel! Noel! Tea-infused cranberry sauce.

Accompany your delicious feast with the Red Christmas Tea-infused mocktail topped with chocolate whipped cream, and the entire feast turns into a brilliantly curated meal for the festive season. Your gastronomic experience is then topped with a slice of Entremet Fruit Chocolat. The heavenly slice embraces the finest ingredients of the season, dousing itself in a smooth and creamy mousse, as well as a Magic Christmas Tea infused strawberry with a hint of dark chocolate peppermint contrasted by a tangy orange confit. Celebrate the holidays with a great sense of spirit and warm cheers this Christmas at TWG Tea.

TWG Tea’s full Festive Set Menu includes a starter, main course, tea or mocktail, as well as dessert. The Steak Moussaka, Entremet Fruit Chocolat, and the Red Christmas Tea Mocktail are available à la carte.

Available at all TWG Tea Salons & Boutiques in the Philippines from 1 to 31 December 2018. TWG Tea Salons & Boutiques are located in Greenbelt 5, Shangri-La Plaza, and Central Square.