Paper Moon is Perfect For a Romantic Date Night in the City

Fashion mogul Edi Tekeli brought renowned fashion brands like Mango and Guess to the country. Years later, in the pursuit of expanding his horizons and actualizing dreams, Edi returned to Manila. Along with business partners Philip Morais and Joey Antonio,they bring the impeccable flavors of Milan. Paper Moon boasts world-class service, lavish interiors, intoxicating beverages, and, as Edi asserts, “the best pizza.”

celebrity mom paper moon

Paper Moon and their best pizza

With his love for food, the mogul-turned-restaurateur curated a legitimately Italian menu. Start out with hearty salads filled with greens and charming cherry tomatoes. The subtle taste will surely prepare your palate for the exciting meal to come. What follows is the classic pasta and pizza pair, the definite crowd pleaser. As you take a bite, you take in simultaneously strong, salty, sweet, and savory flavors. Instantly, you agree that they do have the best pizza in the metro. Moreover, the homey and sumptuous pasta dishes transport you to Edi’s hometown. Your gastronomic journey is tied together by ambrosial desserts. The timeless panna cotta’s comforting taste is sweet and tangy. Without being too overpowering, it also strikes the right balance to end your meal on a remarkable note.

celebrity mom paper moon

Paper Moon owes its constantly changing menu to Edi’s dedication to fly in corporate chefs from Italy. Additionally, every three months, they revamp their menu and ensure it’s always authentically Italian.

The upscale vibe of the restaurant furthers its impeccably European ambiance. The low lights, high beams, and extravagant glass windows add a hint of romance. Finally, situated on the 65th floor of the Knightsbridge Residences, the picturesque Makati skyline completes your fanciful night.

For more information, visit the Paper Moon website.