Pia Regala-Hebron Releases a Brand New Line from Lady Rustan

The Spring/Summer 2018 Collection by Lady Rustan

Having worked for Rustan’s for more than 10 years, Pia Regala-Hebron was the perfect choice to revive Lady Rustan five years ago. With the recent launch of their Spring/Summer ’18 collection, nothing’s stopping her from further developing the line. “I am really looking forward to growing Lady Rustan into a complete line of clothing, with shoes and accessories, to really connect more with the younger market and staying relevant,” she shares.

celebrity mom lady rustan

Starting Inspired

A graduate of Art Studies from UP Diliman, Pia recounts the early days of pursuing her passion. “After I got my degree, I left for Florence, Italy. My interest in Florence began during my course in UP where I developed a love for the Renaissance period. My original plan was to pursue leather design but most of the courses were being offered in Milan and were taught in Italian. So, I went to Florence to learn the language, while also taking a course in fashion design and styling at the Istituto Per L’ Arte e Restauro. By then, I had learned quite a bit of the language already and was confident enough to apply for the course.”

With both experience and passion, Pia is easily inspired by her color and fabric choices. By remaining true to the aesthetic of the brand and translating the fabrics into designs that women of any age can wear, she has mastered designing for Lady Rustan. She tells of her latest collection, “For the latest Spring/Summer collection, there were a lot of pastel hues mixed in with chalky neutrals. I’d like for the customer to see the collection in the store and appreciate the clothes and choice of colors. Most especially, how as each new collection comes in, the pieces can still work with those from the last one.”

celebrity mom lady rustan

Pia’s Other Side

More than anything, Pia is most proud of her four beautiful children – Derek, Nina, Dylan, and Noah. She even shares how Nina has grown to share her love for fashion. “Nina loves browsing the internet for clothes and gets excited when I share my new collections with her. Additionally, she has an eye for color and has her own fashion sense. We are each other’s fashion critic.”

As a single mother with a successful fashion career, managing time and being there for her family is a priority for Pia. “I am fortunate to work very close to home but it’s always a struggle juggling the many roles I play. I think most working moms are never really contented with the time they spend with their children. They always wish they had more of it. My kids and I always look forward to our weekends together and make them really count. What we plan doesn’t always have to be extra special or extravagant, it’s really all about being together.”

What’s next for her? Pia is definitely focusing on making her next collection. “I usually put out a new collection every three months but we work following a six-month season. The Fall/Winter ’18 collection will be out this June.”

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