Look At This Mommy Influencer’s Pregnancy-Safe Skin Care Routine

Skin care is an absolute necessity, so how do we go about making it pregnancy-safe?

While we all value pregnancy as the gift of life, it’s important to recognize the struggle that comes with it. To some women, pregnancy means you’re tethered to a blazing snowstorm of hormones. This, in turn, presents certain conditions that mothers-to-be have to adhere to.

Precious caffeine, delicious sushi, and physical limitations among a ton of others are only part of the lifestyle changes women have to endure to carry a miracle of life. And unfortunately, skin care is one of them. In what is a long list of ingredients that are not recommended for pregnant women, what else is left?

Luckily, mommy vlogger and influencer Chriselle Lim stopped by Harper’s Bazaar to school us all on her pregnancy-safe skin care routine before going to bed. Take a peek at how she caps off her night: