The Future Starts at Home: Raising Our Kids with Nankid

Nankid empowers parents to make sure their child is future-ready.

Parenting is such a delicate art. I, a flawed human being, am being put in charge of raising another human being? Sounds like too much power, and the parents of today face an entirely new set of challenges. In this fast-paced world, kids are faced with technological shifts in school, while more time is demanded from parents who are already exhausted from juggling it all. Compromise leads to more compromise, with quick and easy dinners becoming the norm and more eyes glued to screens rather than playing outside. We tend to overlook things like their nutrition and physical health. These can lead to other issues as they enter adulthood like obesity, social difficulties, attention problems, and learning deficiencies. Fear not, however, for these can be conquered with a little determination, consistency, patience, and a little help from fellow parents, experts, and Parentology+ powered by NANKID.

The Future is Bright

Parentology+ has three pillars: proper nutrition, active lifestyle, and high social quotient. “The success of Parentology+, gave parents an opportunity to address challenges presented by modern parenting. We would like to go deeper into these issues and really flesh out the importance of these three pillars, as well as give parents the tools to establish this at home,” exclaimed Jean Espino, Vice President for Marketing -Premium Milks of Nestlé Philippines.

On social skills

Nankid Parentology+ Celebrity Mom

To properly anchor these pillars, they put their NANKID Ambassadors to work. Cat Arambulo-Antonio and clinical psychologist Dr. Cely Magpantay believe that it’s important to put your child in situations where they can learn and listen to others as part of their need to socialize. Dr. Cely says, “Warm up, be present at first, then be invisible during playtime. Join them during the start of the activity, and eventually let them be. Be a role model to them.” This is to encourage the kids to socialize and help loosen them up. The event hosted an activity that helped parents get to know their children by having them work together. The mothers got to know their kids and discovered their traits, as well as get ideas on how to build up their social competence.

On nutrition

Nankid Parentology+ Kitchen Celebrity Mom

In addressing nutrition, parents struggle to achieve the 3,000 calories a day that’s required for kids. Joy Sotto and Nestle’s own Nutritionist, Ms. Aleli Magtibay, say that the key to achieving this is moderation, balance and variety of food options. “Follow portions by making sure to give a combination of go, grow, and glow foods in every meal, and practice variety, in terms of flavor, texture, color, and food preparation.” Ms. Aleli further insists. Parentology+ had a kitchen set up created for kids, where they can select food from the pantry to create a balanced meal and get it verified by an interactive nutrition guide and scanner.

On staying active

Anton Del Rosario and orthopedist Dr. Edgar Eufemio, on the other hand, suggest that parents should give words of encouragement. “Be supportive of your kids’ activities, so they would just continue doing what they love to do. Also, play with them. If you expect them to be disciplined and grow up a certain way, do it with them.” says Dr. Edgar. Kids learned the different traits that would be beneficial to their physical development and lifestyle through a goal kicking challenge.

Being there for your kid

The three pillars are essential to the development of your healthy, well-rounded child who’s ready to take on the challenges that the future holds. Juggling it all may seem hard, but parents must certainly be a role model to their children. This includes making time for their various activities like socializing, healthier eating, and staying active.

Nankid Parentology+ Celebrity Mom

The experts and ambassadors encourage everyone to drop by Parentology+ to learn more about how they can build a home of the future. Fun activities await with exciting prizes like digital instant cameras, premium tumblers, and other exclusive NANKID items to be won when they post their experience at Parentology+ on social media using the hashtags: #NANKID #PARENTOLOGY #ReShapeTheFuture.

Parentology+, powered by NANKID, will also coming to SM City Cebu on August 11-12 and Abreeza Davao on August 25-26. For more details, visit them on Facebook