Ralph Breaks the Internet Is a Pop Culture Feast with a Heart

Wreck-It-Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet takes us on a journey through the vast and crazy world of the internet as Ralph and Vanellope leave Litwak’s to find a spare part for Sugar Rush. The end result is a sequel that takes us on a fun humorous romp that teaches kids an important lesson while furthering the humanity of its characters within their fully realized world.

Ralph Breaks the Internet brings a lot of heart and a sweet sense of humor that the internet sorely needs.

It’s been 6 years since the events of the first film, and Ralph and Vanellope have a routine down pat. While Ralph knows that this is the life for him, Vanellope doesn’t seem so sure. When an incident gets Sugar Rush unplugged, thousands of characters are suddenly without a home, and Ralph and Vanellope take it upon themselves to retrieve a spare part on the internet.

Warning: mild spoilers ahead for Ralph Breaks the Internet!



The trip to the internet leaves Vanellope unsure if she wants to go back to the arcade. This breaks Ralph’s heart, and triggers a series of events which eventually lead to acceptance. It’s a significant part of life that no one likes to confront. What will you do if you and your best friend suddenly want different things? The idea is a subject that even adults can’t seem to handle, yet the film discusses this head on. The film relies on a strong emotional core that is built upon the last film, and is also a great lesson to teach to kids. In the same sense that Inside Out teaches kids to connect with their emotions, Ralph Breaks the Internet teaches you how to handle said emotions.

“We’re not at Litwak’s anymore.”


The film’s version of the internet is a little more optimistic but knows how to acknowledge the pitfalls of being online. It’s bright, bustling, and littered with references; cleverly creating a system that translates our online activity into the world that Ralph and Vanellope see. Every joke, reference, and scene lands without feeling forced, and gives the viewer enough meta-references to last a lifetime.

On learning to let go


Overall, the film is given life through its characters and the world that they’ve created, building upon the franchise’s foundation, elevating the film and narrowly avoiding common sequel traps. It’s a laugh-out-loud pop culture fest that takes you down to earth when it needs to and sharpens its focus on the core of the film: its characters.