Pure Relaxation and Refined Wellness at the Esencia Day Spa

Branching out from Sta. Rosa City in Laguna to satisfy the clamor of its growing number of customers in the metro, Esencia Day Spa recently opened a branch in Forbes Town, Fort Bonifacio. Leading a passionate team that goes beyond the customer’s expectations is the owner, Ms. Les Rabinovich.

A taste of southern soothing at the Esencia Day Spa

As a flight attendant for so many years, Ms. Rabinovich is a veteran in the customer service industry. Her experience only makes her even more focused in meeting every customer’s unique needs. She adds, “Airline passengers pay basically to be moved from one place to another and cabin service is really just an add-on. But if passengers can be so demanding, more so are the spa customers? Especially when their sole reason for visiting us is to distress, to get rested, relaxed, and rejuvenated?”

Ms. Rabinovich frequently attends conventions, both local and international, to keep abreast with the latest in the industry. Not only does she ensure that the quality of the products they use are topnotch, but she also invests in the training of her team. “We delightfully use essential and massage oils from no less than the Lemongrass House. We take care of our people knowing that in return, they will take care of our customers,” she says.

With continuous learning, Ms. Rabinovich and her team maintain their lead against competition. Additionally, a recent innovation that allows hair removal treatment to be less painful is the latest addition to its many offerings.

Perfect for intimate celebrations with family or friends, visit Esencia Day Spa for a genuinely relaxing and helpful spa treatment your body and mind deserve.

For more information on Esencia Day Spa, its services and promotions, contact Ms. Les Rabinovich at 0917 514 1411