Shangri-La at the Fort is Taking Family Staycations to a Whole New Level

Stay and Play at Shangri-La at the Fort

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind especially when a full-time job, a business, and family are involved. Sometimes, an out of town trip is not possible due to schedule conflicts and can even be more tasking than relaxing. But respite is always good. I believe that an occasional change in environment is needed to refresh our minds and bodies.

Celebrity Mom Shangri-La at the Fort

Redefining Staycation

Luckily, Shangri-La at the Fort welcomes families who need a break from the every day by providing a Stay and Play experience. In a nutshell, the package comes with accommodations and activities to keep the kids entertained while the parents relax, workout, and pamper themselves.

For a big family like mine, the Shangri-La Serviced Residence was perfect as it gave us ample space and a well-appointed kitchen for the weekend. It made it so much easier to prepare sandwiches and snacks because, with a big brood, someone is always bound to be hungry. The kids played video games, watched Netflix, and bonded over baking cookies. My youngest daughter was over the moon about the teepee set up in the living room. She cozied up inside with her toys, books, and iPad, and of course, slept in it for two nights and never wanted to leave.

Celebrity Mom Shangri-La at the Fort

Fun for Everyone

With Shangri-La at the Fort’s diversified amenities, there was definitely something for everyone. The swimming pool was a big hit with the entire family. The teenagers particularly loved Kerry Sports since they go to the gym regularly.

They were able to use state of the art equipment, some of which they’ve never tried before. And because of the strict diets they are on, Kerry Sprouts provided them with all the meals and snacks they could ever need.

I had to prod the younger bunch to play in Adventure Zone. They said they were too old for it because they thought the place was strictly for little kids. Well they thought wrong. Adventure Zone will exhilarate and excite any child at heart because nobody does #Kidulting better than they do.

Kids of all ages are welcome to play and explore the 1,000 square meter indoor playground. There are three slides; my favorite is the red vertical drop slide, angled at almost 90 degrees. There is an Exploration Zone, which is a maze with an obstacle course, tunnels, and bridges. After a couple of hours, all my kids were playing in Adventure Zone—teenagers included. They were running around, playing hide and seek, going up and down the slides while taking Boomerangs. They just had such a blast. Who would have thought?

The best part about checking into Shangri- La at the Fort is having several of Manila’s best restaurants under one roof. Breakfast at High Street Cafe is always worth waking up for, checked in to the hotel or not. The mighty burger at Raging Bull, the lomo saltado in Samba, and Canton Road’s pork belly tower are my kids’ ultimate favorites.

Sports and More

On our last day, my husband and I got to pamper ourselves at the Kerry Sports Spa. We were assigned to a couple’s room—a private refuge, dim lights, sounds of nature, perfect room temperature, relaxing scents of eucalyptus, chamomile, coconut, and lemongrass. It was truly a treat for the senses. We each got the Aroma Wellness Massage, which was much needed since it reduces tension and soothes sore muscles. I also got the Advanced Firming Facial. Since I never get facials done, this was a good start to combat signs of aging and get that fresh glow. What a way to end a perfect weekend!

Staycations with the family get even better this summer with Shangri-La at the Fort Manila’s Stay and Play package.

For more information, visit the Shangri-La at the Fort website.