We Give Mr. Sparkle Fingers Two Thumbs Up | Shazam! Movie Review

Whether superhero movies are you thing or not, Shazam is a must-watch. It’s effortlessly funny with a cast that has great comedic timing. There were no dull moments. At the same time, the story-telling was as valuable as it was entertaining. It’s definitely a fun family movie you should line up for on opening day.

You’ll have a sparkling good time watching Shazam

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When foster kid Billy Baton turns into a superhero, his life suddenly turns into a whirlwind. As he struggles with finding his real mom, adjusting into his new family, he also learns what being a hero is really about.

An origin story that’s snappy and witty, this new DC flick is just two hours of pure fun. Not only is it hilarious, its also riddled with unexpected cinematic references and smart Easter eggs. Even with all the on-screen fun, its lessons are obvious to its audiences.

As Shazam, he may look older than his years, Billy is still a 14 year old kid. He remains the lost foster child who longs for his real mom while resisting his new family. When he suddenly receives the powers of immortal elders, Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury, his life takes a turn. At first, it was all fun and games—doing trial-and-error runs to find out what Shazam can do. However, with this new superhero being so public, a super villain soon arises.

Billy quickly learns the responsibility that comes with being a superhero

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The responsibility of being a hero weighs on him instantly. Billy is forced to realize that being Shazam is more than having awesome powers. It becomes about knowing how to use his powers wisely to protect those who are around him—especially his family.

In this latest superhero movie, the saying “with great power, comes great responsibility” rings true yet again. However, we also learn that family isn’t always the one you’re born with. In Billy’s case, this becomes his superpower in more ways than one.

Make sure to catch Shazam! in PH cinemas starting April 3. Audiences of all ages will surely have a sparkling good time.