5 Stunning Outfits from Mark Bumgarner for Every Event You’ll Attend

Proving that he can design red carpet and ready-to-wear pieces, designer Mark Bumgarner releases a line with Plains & Prints. In the world of high fashion, Mark Bumgarner has made quite a name for himself. His creations reinterpreting classic feminine looks exude undeniable talent as well as a unique eye. With a growing roster of celebrity clientele, he continues to blaze the trail. Marching on further, the Filipino talent partners with local brand Plains & Prints for a collection made for everyday Filipinas.

Mark Bumgarner, currently the hottest Filipino designer, is making more waves with a collaboration with Plains & Prints.

Quite like the ARANAZ x Plains & Prints collection, this highlights Filipino talent, culture, and contemporary fashion. Riddled with Bumgarner’s signature aesthetic, this 13-piece line is also more casual and wearable. At the same time, the range is given a hint of local culture with recognizable symbols. Starring in a number of pieces are the Anahaw, the national leaf, and the Waling-Waling, also known as the Queen of Philippine Flowers.

Both Bumgarner and Plains & Prints are proud of the elegance and timelessness of these designs. These laidback, wearable, and modern pieces are perfect for all types of Filipinas. With silhouettes as fun, colorful, and classy as these, they can take it from the office straight to a cocktail party.

Check out where we think you’ll stand out when wearing some of our favorite ensembles from the collection:

celebrity mom plains and prints mark bumgarner

Beautifully flowing with the wind at a beach wedding

Nowadays, beach weddings are all the rage. Surprisingly, looking for a simple but elegant formal dress suited to the event posses to be quite a challenge. This dress’ floral top and flowy skirt are great for outdoor events such as these. From a head-turning entrance to lovely photos, this piece won’t disappoint.

celebrity mom plains and prints mark bumgarner

A sharp and stylish attendance at business meetings

It’s no question that women are dominating the business industry. Other than unquestionable capabilities they posses a power wardrobe like no other. This contemporary black and white suit demands and deserves respect. Just pair it with some killer-sharp pumps and you’re ready to lead.

celebrity mom plains and prints mark bumgarner

Blend into nature at your next garden party

Whether it’s a quaint brunch or a kiddie party, this piece definitely screams fabulous mom. Its colorful print is youthful and timeless especially when accentuated by its feminine silhouette. Not to mention its charmingly cut sleeves. We can’t wait to get our hands on this Waling-Waling decorated dress!

celebrity mom plains and prints mark bumgarner

Supportive and fabulous at your kid’s school events

This 2-piece ensemble is intelligently paired. The sensible white long-sleeve top is a classic that never fails. It looks sharp and respectable. Meanwhile, the skirt covered in Anahaw leaves delivers a playful balance. When worn together, it makes for a perfect ensemble to wear at your kid’s school events. May it be a play or award ceremony, this radiates grace and spirit.

celebrity mom plains and prints mark bumgarner

Scene-stealing entrance at formal parties

You know what they say, every woman needs a little black dress in her closet. This exquisite strapless dress displays everything we all love from Mark Bumgarner. The tasteful silhouette and simply ornate details will definitely have you stealing the show at any formal event. While it’s dressy enough for evening occasions, the black dress is classic enough to carry you through any other after- event.

The Mark Bumgarner x Plains & Prints collection will be available nationwide on August 3. For more information, visit the Plains & Prints website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.