The Style Trio Restores the Modern Mom’s Sense of Style

For moms, staying stylish might be less important than their other tasks and responsibilities. With kids to take care of,  a house to maintain, and a job to worry about, it can be easy for moms to forget to take care of themselves. Knowing this struggle all too well, fashion-forward moms Aliza Apostol, Jane Kingsu-Cheng, and Keri Zamora created Style Trio in June 2017. They aim to help moms rekindle their confidence to glam themselves up again.

celebrity mom style trio
Keri Zamora

Before Style Trio

After gaining some experience, former celebrity stylist and fashion editor Jane finally pursued her love for fashion. She started out by selling clothes online before launching Style Trio six months later. She had already found suppliers but she knew she couldn’t handle a business on her own. That’s when she thought of reaching out to her close friends Aliza and Keri to make her idea come to life. “Aliza’s been my good friend since our first year in high school. Then I met Jane through her husband who’s good friends with my husband since high school also,” explained Keri. “We’d all see each other in Keri’s parties. That’s how I met Jane. It was Keri who linked us together,” Aliza adds. The two also have a deep appreciation and passion for fashion, just like Jane, so it was the perfect fit.

Even before they were moms, the three have always been into fashion, which is what really bonded them. One night, over dinner, Jane brought up her idea to her two friends. Almost immediately, the two excitedly agreed to start this brand with her. Through their group chat, Jane would send photos of the pieces she found from suppliers. Keri and Aliza would then voice their opinion on the pieces. Afterward, they would all decide if they would be sold on their page. From there, they started exchanging styling tips while also combining their distinct styles.

celebrity mom style trio
Aliza Apostol

Starting in style

Their individual styles are apparent in the clothes they design. Aliza likes lounging on the beach while showing off her gorgeous tan. Therefore, she opts for light and comfortable outfits that show a bit of skin. Having traveled a lot in Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan gave Jane a love for outfits that locals in these fashionable countries wear. She tries bold new trends and likes to experiment with mixing the three styles. Keri describes her style as classic and conservative. Naturally, she prefers clean silhouettes. At the same time, she is not afraid to go out of her comfort zone by trying out bolder cuts. Pointing to the top she wore during the photo shoot, she said with a laugh, “It’s actually because of Aliza that I’m wearing ruffles. Last year, you wouldn’t see me wearing this.”

Their sense of fashion isn’t the only thing they can’t leave the house without. Despite their different tastes, they all agree that they can’t be without their phones. As moms and businesswomen, they admit that it’s something they need in their daily lives. They use it to check up on their kids when they’re away, they reply to inquiries on their page, and most of their business takes place online.

celebrity mom style trio
Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Moms with flair

Between juggling their online store and taking care of their families, they still find time to help others. Through Style Trio, Aliza, Jane, and Keri relate to other moms by inspiring them to try out new styles, giving them the confidence to feel beautiful inside and out.

Style Trio currently has over 10,000 followers and continues to reach more moms by the day. The clothes featured on the page showcase the unique styles of each designer. All pieces can be worn by moms who want to revamp their wardrobe to spark a love for fashion.

For Aliza, Jane, and Keri, being a mom shouldn’t be a hindrance to self-care. Style Trio reminds moms that their individualism should not be hidden behind the shadows of their responsibilities. As for regaining confidence, they constantly remind moms to try out different styles to know which ones work for them best and to love their bodies, whatever shape or form.

Check out their work on the Style Trio Instagram.