3 Reasons Why Tang Has Become a Household Staple

We all have our own memories of being welcomed home from school or playing with friends with the best way to boost our energy and beat the heat: an ice-cold glass of Tang.

The well-loved beverage has become a mainstay in countless Filipino homes for nearly 50 years. Enjoyed daily by generations of kids and kids-at-heart, here are three reasons why it continues to remain a must-have.

celebrity mom tang juice drink

Real Fruit Flavors

As a person grows, so does their discovery of new flavors and preferred taste. Tang has done the same by constantly innovating and creating more options for us to quench our thirst. Available in 16 different variations such as classic Orange, tropical Pineapple, tangy Pomelo, and a fusion of Mixed Berries, these offerings made with real fruit extracts will definitely satisfy any palate, any day.

Real Health Benefits

Not only is it refreshing but each serving is chock full of vitamins and minerals. Infused with Fruit Power 7—a high source of Vitamins A, C, B2, B3, B6, folate and iron, every delicious glass of Tang helps meet a child’s daily nutrient and hydration needs as well as strengthen their immune system.

Real Value

Tang also helps get the most out of life with its budget-friendly price point. With a liter pack at a suggested retail price of PHP 16.45, parents and children alike can simply savor the fruity goodness of their favorite drink while spending cherished quality time together.

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