Tiny Buds Inspires Thoughtfulness in Tots

It’s every parent’s goal to raise their children right. And, though, teaching them to be polite in a rude world could be tough, embedding good manners will reap benefits throughout their lives.

Manners Matter

Between the ages of 1 and 2, a child begins to understand and grasp the idea of others’ feelings. This, being a crucial learning stage, makes it the perfect time to teach kids to mind their manners. Developing this sensitive awareness towards other people turns these into good habits they’ll eventually practice as they continue to grow.

Please, Say “Thank You”

Making it their mission to surround children with these positive values is Tiny Buds. Besides supporting parents throughout childcare with their natural essentials, the local company wants to help them raise appreciative tots too.

With an all-original story, Tiny Buds aims to remind kids of the power of “Thank you.” “Twiga Learns How to Say Thank You” can be viewed online or be part of any home as a mini storybook from their limited edition bundle

Guiding a new generation of gracious children, we look forward to seeing what else this homegrown brand has in store and hope others follow suit!

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