Go On Summer Adventures Fashionably & Comfortably With Toni Pons

A modern woman’s wardrobe only needs a few essentials. A shoe in is definitely the espadrille. Not only fashionable, they’re also incredibly comfortable—perfect for exciting adventures. Renowned Spanish brand, Toni Pons, made its way to our shores just in time for the summer.

Toni Pons makes its way to the Philippines just in time for the summer

toni pons ph celebrity mom

Gigi Reyes was on a trip to Barcelona when she came across the famed espadrilles. She immediately loved the brand. Not only did she bring a few pairs home, she also brought the brand to the Philippines with partners Yvonne Camacho and Carmen Santos.

“Toni Pons PH shoes are made for the active, modern woman who is filled with a sense of fun but who always wants to do so in style. They are perfect for ladies who lunch, soccer moms, coffee companions, the list goes on! Wearing them raises your level of stylish whimsy a thousandfold,” Camacho shares.

toni pons ph celebrity mom

Get your own espadrilles for your summer getaways. Visit them at NEST Furniture at 40 Jupiter Street. You can also grab a pair on the Toni Pons website. For more information, visit them on Facebook and Instagram.