Toritake: Japan’s best-kept secret makes its way to the Philippines

Toritake arrives to the Philippines

As evidenced by the countless ramen, sushi, and yakotori restaurants in the country, Filipinos really love Japanese cuisine. In our search for authentic dishes and flavors, we sometimes drive or even fly for hours to get the real thing.  Luckily, the incredibly popular hole-in-the-wall restaurant Toritake from Shibuya, Japan has finally made its way to our shores.

Celebrity Mom Toritake

Since opening its doors in 1963, everything in the original Shibuya branch—from recipes and décor—remains unchanged. As a result, Toritake is revered by residents and tourists who line up for hours to taste the world-famous yakitori.

Celebrity Mom Toritake

Director and Executive Chef Teruya of Shibuya shares that Filipinos are one of their top foreign customers, which is why it only made sense to open Toritake here. The only two other outlets in existence are both in Japan. Consequently, this makes Toritake PH the only international branch. Chef Teruya also flew all the way from Japan to personally train chefs for Toritake PH. Additionally, he ensures that the same authenticity and quality will be served in the Philippine branch.

While the restaurant opens to the public on June 29, we got the chance to be one of the first to taste the renowned yakitori in the Philippines. Here are some of our favorites:

Celebrity Mom Toritake

Chicken Karaage

From the breading to the tenderness of the chicken, this dish is definitely a must-try. We just couldn’t get enough.

Celebrity Mom Toritake

Chicken Ketchup Rice

This tangy dish turned out to be quite the tasty surprise. The ketchup wasn’t overwhelming and the chicken perfectly balanced it. As a result, I found myself reaching for seconds—thirds even.

Celebrity Mom Toritake

Chicken Leg in Yakitori Sauce

Who would’ve thought something so simple can be so irresistibly delicious? Their trademark yakitori sauce definitely elevates the humble chicken leg.

Celebrity Mom Toritake

Chicken Yakitori

After just one bite, it’s easy to see why people line up for hours for the chicken yakitori. The meat is juicy and tender with a sumptuous taste you won’t get tired of. Chef Teruya adds that the recipe’s remained unchanged for over 50 years, which is what makes it so good. Best of all, you can choose between chicken seasoned with salt and pepper or glazed in yakitori sauce.

Celebrity Mom Toritake

Chicken Yakitori Rice Bowl

This is Chef Teruya’s personal favorite—and now, ours too! It’s a fulfilling and tastefully satisfying meal in just one bowl. Additionally, a hearty serving of white rice beautifully complements the signature chicken in yakitori sauce.

Toritake PH is located on the 2nd Floor of UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City. For more information, check them out on Facebook and Instagram