“It’s Happening!” Couple Behind Us The Duo Welcomes A Baby Girl

First announcing the pregnancy on America’s Got Talent, Michael and Carissa Alvarado have detailed their adventure thoroughly. Posting updates on social media as well as writing a song for their bundle of joy, we shared their excitement. Today, the couple behind Us the Duo welcomes a baby girl.

After a beautiful and music-filled pregnancy, the talented couple behind Us the Duo welcomes a baby girl.

The Us the Duo couple announced the coming of their baby girl in a tweet.

Fondly called “Us the Baby” by friends and fans, we’re all waiting in anticipation for the first photos. Not to mention, the name their baby girl will have.

The pair wrote and debuted a song they wrote for their unborn baby on America’s Got Talent. Equally a love ballad for the parents and for their baby girl, it’s incredibly heartwarming and tear-jerking. “Until that day is here, the only thing I’m gonna do is hope and pray each night, my baby girl is just like you.”

Now that day is near, we’re all ecstatic for the talented couple. At the same time, we’re looking forward to seeing their beautiful family grow in love and music.

UPDATE: Carissa and Michael Alvarado shares baby girl’s first photo

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“We’d like to officially introduce to you our baby girl, Xyla Rose Alvarado,” shares the couple in an Instagram post. They also wholeheartedly say, “In less than 24 hours, she has already changed our life for the better.”