Meet the Inspiring Winners of this year’s SM Youth Go-See

SM Youth crowns their new winners

The 3rd edition of the SM Youth Go-See has come to an end, with Jaime Borromeo and Julian Rodriguez emerging as this season’s winners. The big reveal happened last June 1 at the Cove in Okada Manila. It was preceded by 8 episodes of grueling challenges for the 14 finalists. From solo photo shoots to being live mannequins, each finalist stepped out of their comfort zones and tested their limits.

The Finale Live Show at the Cove in Okada Manila
Finalist Sabrina San Diego
Hosts Erika Kristensen and Richard Juan
Finalist Stephanie Aquino

What It Took

Fans have eagerly followed and watched their favorites as they grew throughout the competition. They were in full force during the live show, along with the 14 finalists. The competition, envisioned as a vehicle to find potential ambassadors with heart and passion, had the final five strut down the runway for one final time.
Julian Rodriguez and Jaime Borromeo, both 17 years old, are the youngest to ever win the competition. Known to be genuinely selfless among their fellow finalists, SM Youth Assistant Vice President Marielle Ardiente also shares that Jaime was a consistent performer. She mentions that Julian also shares this trait, despite entering the competition with no knowledge of the industry.

Jaime Borromeo and Julian Rodriguez, the 17-year old winners of SM Youth Go-See Season 3
“An SM Youth brand ambassador is someone that embodies the brand. Someone that isn’t afraid to show their true colors. A role model that inspires today’s youth, to be whatever they want to be and to chase their dreams. As of now, my main goal is to inspire and be a role model to everyone out there. I want to show everyone that it is okay to let down their walls and just be themselves.”
– Jaime Borromeo
“Representing a brand as influential as SM Youth is both humbling and a huge responsibility. For me, SM Youth ambassadors are just normal and passionate people who challenge themselves to be better individuals every single day. Being authentic and being themselves day in and day out. Right now, I want to focus my time on carrying and staying true to SM Youth’s brand and using the platform given to me to positively influence the youth. I also want to constantly try out new things that are out of my comfort zone, like I did with SM Youth!”
– Julian Rodriguez

A Bright Future Ahead

Expect the two boys to show up more and more as SM Youth plans to feature them in upcoming lookbooks, campaigns, events, and fashion shows. Jaime Rodriguez and Julian Borromeo join the prestigious group of SM Youth brand ambassadors. Some of which include Tommy Esguerra and Richard Juan, as well as the past season’s winners: Kaila Estrada, Kyle Perry, Erika Kristensen, and Macauly Lofgren.

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